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World Record - 19 Excel Spreadsheets Join to A Table

We broke another record by joining 19 Excel spreadsheets with a production table on Postgres, and the process took minutes to set up and execute.

Our previous blog and video demonstrated how easily we could join 20 tables spanning 20 different systems in a single query. So, we decided to stress-test our ability to import Excel spreadsheets and join them to any combination of tables and views across systems.

Other companies claim they can do federated queries (cross-system joins), but none can process the join on any system. We call this capability the Nexus Hub.

The video you will see shows our 19 Excel spreadsheets joining to a Postgres table, and the Hub we choose is Postgres. That means the 19 Excel spreadsheets automatically move to the Postgres system, where Nexus processes the join.

The shocking part is that when we change the Hub to MySQL, Nexus changes the SQL from PostgreSQL to MySQL, changes the load utilities, converts the Postgres table to a MySQL table, and everything moves to the MySQL system (including the 19 Excel spreadsheets) where the join processes perfectly.

In our tests, we changed the Hub to 20 different systems, and Nexus performed the conversions and automation perfectly every time.

And the most revolutionary concept is that a user can change the Hub to what we call MyPC. Nexus then queries the Postgres table and the 19 Excel worksheets individually, bringing each answer set to the PC, where Nexus performs the join using the CPU and memory of the user’s PC.

Your company probably has or eventually will have dozens, if not hundreds, of databases. Nexus migrates data at high speeds between all systems and can join data across systems transparently. And Nexus is the perfect query tool for everyone in your company.

No wonder Nexus is considered the greatest big data software on the market.

Watch Nexus join 19 Excel worksheets with a production table below.

Watch Nexus perform a 20-table join across 20 database systems in a single query in the video below.

You have data in about 18,000 places, and you know that if you could integrate the right data, you are minutes away from world domination.

You are two minutes away from understanding that migration across all systems is now automated.

It took almost 20 years to make the Nexus software act like a Rosetta stone because of the countless data conversion and load script options, but after testing for almost two decades, we have delivered.

Watch and understand and then migrate and command domination over your database vendors because you can pack up and move instantly.

You are about to see a video of how business users are migrating data to Snowflake with the click of a button in the blink of an eye.

You will also see how users can optionally schedule data movement jobs on the Nexus Server for high-speed transfers.

Please get in touch with me directly to learn more about bringing Nexus into your company.

Tom Coffing, CEO of Coffing Data Warehousing

Call: 513 300-0341 YouTube Channel:

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