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The Nexus Pro Desktop

The Nexus Pro Desktop queries all systems, but then takes all answer sets and allows the user to pivot, work in a worksheet, graph/chart in a dashboard, and build analytics using point-and-click.  Users can move data between any two systems, and they can perform cross-system joins (federated queries).

Migrate and Move data between to and from every system

Migrate your data to the cloud, move tables to your sandbox, and move data to and from all systems with a few clicks of the mouse.  Pick the source system from a dropdown menu, choosing the tables you want to move, and then selecting the target system.  

The Nexus Super Join Builder

The Brilliant Nexus Server

The Nexus Super Join builder writes the SQL for you.  Users can see their tables graphically, see what other tables join, and then choose the columns they want on their report.  The Super Join Builder also automates cross-system joins (federated queries).  You can now join any data, at any time, anywhere!

It is the Nexus Server that allows company users to access any data, at any time, anywhere.  The Nexus Desktop automates migrating and joining data across all systems, but the Nexus Server executes the jobs on a high-speed network, so all data movement happens within the company firewall.  The Nexus Server is speed.

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