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The Coffing Information Highway

The computer industry's biggest challenge has always been getting two different database platforms to speak to one another. So Tom Coffing, CEO, has them performing an opera.

See the grid below as Coffing's development team has been working for 20 years to ensure the Nexus Query Chameleon migrates, joins, and integrates every database with no intervention.

One of Nexus' advantages is customizations completed for longtime customers who are the biggest in their industry. Such as the largest manufacturer of PCs and Servers, the oldest bank with 1.9 trillion in assets, the biggest telecommunications company, the leading investment services firm with $6.83 trillion in client assets, and the American multinational courier delivery service company famous for its overnight shipping and delivery services.

One of the reasons leaders in their industry lead is because they have the most advanced computer technology. They must migrate data instantly and automatically between systems in minutes, not months. They need IT and the business users to work in tandem and join data wherever it sits.

Tom Coffing, CEO of Coffing Data for 28 years, says, "My vision with Nexus is customers point-and-click and migrate thousands of tables to and from any database. But Nexus can also query all systems, perform analytics inside the user's PC, and join data across the enterprise, making Nexus the most useful software in the cloud."

Coffing said, "We are the leaders because of our commitment to 20 years of development. Customers need to put the power into the hands of their employees, so software that sits on the desktop brings the power, but you also need high-speed data transfer within the company's firewall. That is why we built the Nexus Server. Companies place Nexus Servers on-premises, on any cloud, or even near the cloud, and users schedule their work to perform through the Server."

The most important aspect of Nexus is the Coffing Information Highway, which connects each database as if they were one. As a result, users can move, transfer, migrate, and join data without intervention using their mouse.

For more information, contact Tom Coffing at or Phone 513 300-0341.

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