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Got Federated? Join Azure Synapse Tables with 25 Systems

Times Square is the Nexus of New York City because it is the intersection between all five boroughs. Nexus software development started in 2004 with the idea it would be the intersection between all databases.

Almost 20 years later, thousands of customers use Nexus to query, migrate, and federate data across over 25 relational database platforms.

The greatest Nexus feature is its ability to perform joins across database platforms in a single query, which the industry calls federated queries.

While most users use Nexus to join tables from two or three systems in a single federated query, Nexus is joining 30 tables from 30 different systems to prove the brilliance behind its design. See the video at the bottom of this blog if seeing is believing.

The three most difficult aspects of making different database vendors' systems communicate seamlessly are converting tables, building database load scripts, and writing SQL.

Like a Rosetta stone for databases, Nexus converts the data types and table structures between all systems in seconds. Then, like a Shakespeare of plays for data, Nexus writes load scripts in real-time to thrill audiences worldwide. And finally, Nexus writes the SQL automatically for users in its Super Join Builder, which can then convert SQL between all systems.

Thus, what the industry once thought impossible has become a standard practice and everyday occurrence for Nexus users.

A huge advantage that Nexus has over other query writers and query tools is that it is one of the best data migration tools on the market. Because Nexus can automate the migration of thousands of tables with billions of rows, joining tables at high speeds is part of the Nexus DNA.

Companies that use Nexus as their migration tool find immense value in joining tables from legacy and cloud as they slowly and methodically migrate different workloads to the cloud over long periods.

Please join the Nexus community by trying a complementary Nexus with full features here:

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