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2023 Goal - A 100-Table Join Across 100 Systems

In our quest to revolutionize the computer industry, our 2023 goal is to perform a 100-table join across 100 systems in a single query.

Nexus can do this today, but we have to set up a logical model that can join 100 tables and reserve the 100 systems, but today we will perform a 30-table join across 30 systems. You can see the video below.

With Nexus, you can query, migrate, and federate data across over 25 relational database platforms.

Big data differs from smaller data, so we have thought of every technique and option for users to migrate, join, and query smaller data on their PC but process tables with billions of rows on a Nexus Server.

Today’s demo will demonstrate a 30-table federated query spanning 30 systems in a single query, but that is not the point. Instead, the first point will be performing the join to create a table on another system as a data mart for our Tableau and Power BI community.

The second point is to save the join and share it with others who can execute it with a single click or schedule it to run on a global scheduler.

The third point will be to perform the join, receive an answer set, and then add analytics to the data where all calculations come from Nexus. Once you receive a result set, you don’t need to go back to the database to get more analytics because Nexus does it faster than a database.

Finally, you can set up jobs that perform the join, then add analytics automatically, or run Python, Perl, or R scripts on the result.

Check out the video below, and feel free to download a free trial of Nexus for yourself at this link:

I have been in the computer business for almost 50 years, have written 85 books, taught over 1,000 classes, and have dedicated the last 20 years to building Nexus.

Now watch how easily Nexus migrates data across any two systems. In the video, you will see a systems tree on the left. Please realize that Nexus can migrate from any source system to any target. Prepare yourself to be amazed.

The video below will show you all Nexus's brilliant query tool features.

If you want to try Nexus for free or buy a one-year license go to

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