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Why Nexus Sings to the Blues

I will always be grateful to HCSC, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Texas, and New Mexico for sponsoring my company to build customized software back in 2002, which gave me the start I needed.

It has been 20 years of development with a goal that most people believe is impossible: to integrate all data warehouse database platforms worldwide. Every insurance company has multiple systems, including Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2. And many companies take advantage of open source systems such as Hadoop, Postgres, and MySQL.

In addition, each has been interested in migrating to cloud platforms such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, Yellowbrick, and Amazon Redshift.

Working and customizing for multiple large insurance companies, I have been able to deliver four extremely difficult IT packages in one solution:

  • One tool capable of querying all systems simultaneously with an ability to slice and dice the answer sets for insurance analytics.

  • One tool capable of migrating to and from every database platform in an automated and intelligent fashion.

  • One tool to visualize tables to build the SQL for the users, automating joins and analytics to unite the IT and actuary community. Users see what tables and views join and then merely click on the columns they need for their reports and analytics.

  • One tool to perform cross-system joins (federated queries) across all systems in their enterprise.

I named the software Nexus because it is the intersection of all databases, and our slogan is “Reunite Your Data.”

Below is a video of Nexus in action that is all you will need to see to realize why 20 years of dedication to corporate perfection pays dividends.

The picture above shows Nexus using an advanced Snowflake SET Operator technique to provide five different reports on sales data in a single report.

Tom Coffing has also led a team of developers for almost 20 years to create the Nexus, which queries, migrates, and joins data across all systems. Amazingly, Nexus migrates between all the databases below with the click of the mouse.


• Excel

• Microsoft Access

• Snowflake

• Redshift

• Synapse

• BigQuery

• Teradata

• Oracle

• SQL Server

• DB2

• Hadoop

• MapR

• Greenplum

• Postgres

• Vertica

• Netezza


• Yellowbrick

• SQLite

The picture above shows Nexus in dark mode migrating Oracle data to Snowflake. Some customers are migrating thousands of tables to Snowflake in a single job.

It is never too early to dream about the future of data.

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