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What I love about Snowflake

Tom Coffing has written 85 books on almost every database on the market.

With cloud computing, Amazon, Azure, and Google changed the world of data forever, but Snowflake revolutionized all three clouds. Intelligence people understand the past and the present and not only predict the future but make it happen. The brilliance behind Snowflake's design combines big data experience with Nostradamus-like vision. Snowflake features such as caching, time-travel, fail-safe, tasks, data sharing, and the ability to separate compute and storage and then instantly scale up or down are sheer genius. The ability for users to test drive a Snowflake data warehouse for free shows the marketing prowess and confidence in the organization's ability to execute. Few people understand how intelligently Snowflake has engineered its SQL engine. I have written 85 books on all database platforms, including my book on Snowflake. I have taught over 1,000 classes worldwide to the largest customer in the world on all database platforms. When I wrote my book on Snowflake, I tested every SQL command from every SQL book I have ever written, and almost every SQL syntax from every system works on Snowflake.

Snowflake understands how important seamless migration is to customers because I have never witnessed a robust and versatile database with SQL. Most people know that my Nexus software queries all systems, plus it migrates automatically between all systems and even joins data across all systems. I have more customers migrating to Snowflake data warehouses than any other database. My customers are not migrating off of Snowflake but to Snowflake, which is a sign that customers are happy with the product. I believe that the genius behind Snowflake is driven by a management team that knows this business, an engineering team that understands data architecture, and a marketing team that understands customers.

So, I believe the revolutionary and legendary Snowflake database is not a fluke and will continue to impress and amaze us all for years. If your company is not looking at Snowflake, they miss out on a great opportunity.

The picture above shows Nexus using an advanced Snowflake SET Operator technique to provide five different reports on sales data in a single report.

Tom Coffing has also led a team of developers for almost 20 years to create the Nexus, which queries, migrates, and joins data across all systems. Amazingly, Nexus migrates between all the databases below with the click of the mouse.


• Excel

• Microsoft Access

• Snowflake

• Redshift

• Synapse

• BigQuery

• Teradata

• Oracle

• SQL Server

• DB2

• Hadoop

• MapR

• Greenplum

• Postgres

• Vertica

• Netezza


• Yellowbrick

• SQLite

The picture above shows Nexus in dark mode migrating Oracle data to Snowflake. Some customers are migrating thousands of tables to Snowflake in a single job.

It is never too early to dream about the future of data.

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