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The Warehouse Lost by Snowflake and Teradata

Teradata invented parallel processing, and Snowflake revolutionized the separation of storage and compute, but both forgot about the most important data warehouse, the user's PC.

Each PC has a CPU, memory, and disk, just like Teradata and Snowflake utilize. Corporations have thousands of users, so why forget millions of analytics that can run on each user's PC for free?

That is why I turned each user's PC into an additional data warehouse capable of querying all systems and saving each answer set in memory to process, join, pivot, slice, dice, and calculate all analytics.

Users must always contend with other users on Snowflake or Teradata, but each user's PC is a private data highway.

Teradata and Snowflake are intelligent data warehouse technologies, but the user's PC can combine all data warehouse technologies to become the smartest data warehouse in the world.

Teradata and Snowflake provide a free query tool to submit SQL and receive an answer set. But imagine a PC so powerful it commands complete power over all databases.

Soon, it won't matter which database holds your data because Nexus makes all databases interact seamlessly. Of course, Nexus isn't free, but it's the greatest database money saver ever invented.

Nexus is so intelligent that users can convert tables between all systems in a heartbeat. Likewise, users can migrate data between all systems in a single breath. Furthermore, Nexus will write the SQL for you, and you can join tables across all systems in the blink of an eye.

Unheard of is that Nexus allows cross-system joins in processing on any system you choose, including inside the PC or on a Nexus Server.

CPU and memory are valuable resources at every user's fingertips. Still, when data involves 500 million rows, you need to call in another warehouse with a big CPU, memory, and bandwidth, so I also invented the Nexus Server. Users can work from anywhere and do everything on their PC but have the option to schedule the query, migration, join, analytic, or compare and sync operation on the Nexus Server.

Two things are certain in data: you will deal with many database technologies, but Nexus is the last query tool you will ever need.

Snowflake and Teradata are brilliant, but so is Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Netezza, Greenplum, SAP HANA, Yellowbrick, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, Synapse, Vertica, BigQuery, Hadoop, Excel, SQLite, and Microsoft Access. The only thing more brilliant than them is a private data highway that has mastered them all, the user's PC with Nexus.

The video below shows what can happen when you mix any platform with Teradata, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Hadoop, Snowflake, Redshift, and more. Be prepared to be amazed!

Every child should be able to dream.

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