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The "Data Warehouse" Monopoly Game

Tera-Tom here! Almost everyone has played the board game Monopoly with their friends and family, but is your database vendor trying to play data warehouse Monopoly with you? Here’s how you recognize it.

The salesperson starts the Monopoly game by landing on your property unannounced as he rolls the dice that you are alone in your office. He then mentions that he is “Just Visiting” but then lets you know that their new deluxe edition of hardware and “utilities” is twice as fast as the old system. His pitch promises you Boardwalk, but his biggest fear is that you will get “bored and walk.”

It’s your turn to move next, and you roll snake eyes as you try to balance yourself when he reveals the price.

It is the salesperson’s turn, and he pounds his community chest and hits you with a short line, “It is important to have all of your data in one centralized data warehouse.” He knows he will meet his yearly sales quota if you pay the luxury tax.

If you say yes, the salesperson will light up like the Electric Company, but if you say no, the tears will fall like Water Works.

If you mess up here, remember there is no Get out of Jail Free card, but the data warehouse vendor passes Go and collects 200 thousand dollars towards his quota!

You explain that your company’s data is so large that no one vendor can house it all. You tell him that you only have a fixed amount of money and that the game has changed to the “Price is Right,” and since you’re “Smarter than a 5th Grader”, your job is to never put your company in Jeopardy by allowing any one player to have a Monopoly. He rolls with an emotional plea that you don’t want to land on Chance!

Your role is to remind him that there are 10 tokens in Monopoly and that you are picking the iron and giving him the boot.

Why have companies in the past fallen for the data warehouse Monopoly Game? Because in the past, you could only join data residing on a single system. Those days are over now because software like Nexus can query, migrate, and join data across all systems in your enterprise. You can now house your data across various on-premises legacy and cloud systems, knowing you can migrate quickly or join the data where it resides efficiently.

If you are preparing for the future of data, check the video below and watch Nexus join 20 tables across 20 different systems in a single federated query.

Watch Nexus join 19 Excel worksheets with a production table below.

You have data in about 18,000 places, and if you could integrate the right data, you are minutes away from world domination.

You are two minutes away from understanding that migration across all systems is now automated.

It took almost 20 years to make the Nexus software act like a Rosetta stone because of the countless data conversion and load script options, but after testing for almost two decades, we have delivered.

Watch, understand, and then migrate and command domination over your database vendors because you can pack up and move instantly.

You are about to see a video of how easy it is to use Nexus as your migration tool.

Please contact me directly to learn more about bringing Nexus into your company.

Tom Coffing, CEO of Coffing Data Warehousing

Call: 513 300-0341 YouTube Channel:

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