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Save on Teradata, Snowflake, and Oracle with Inexpensive and OpenSource Databases

So, you are moving to the cloud to save money. Save even more money by mixing your Teradata, Oracle, and Snowflake systems with inexpensive and open-source systems like Hadoop, MySQL, Aurora, Athena, and Postgres, also available on the cloud.

The biggest hurdle is fear and uncertainty because 95% of people don’t know how easy migration and federation have become across database platforms. It is now just as easy to move and join data across systems as doing an inner join on one system, saving time and money.

They say nobody likes to change, but that is not true when an upgrade is involved. For example, I was on a flight with my wife to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We both sat in the back row, holding hands and talking about all the good times when I was informed that I was being upgraded to first class. I told my wife, “thank you for 40 years of marriage, and I will see you when we land!”

The only thing holding your company back from saving millions of dollars is the reluctance to change your query tool, which has to go through a process, which takes time, but it will be the greatest upgrade ever seen by your user community.

You are about to see a video that will open your eyes to the importance of the end-user and their need to move data and join tables, views, Excel, and Microsoft Access seamlessly across database platforms.

What will shock you is the flexibility to perform the join on any system that makes sense, usually the system with the largest table, or even better, on your PC.

Keeping all of your data on Teradata, Oracle, or Snowflake so you can have one version of the truth is an expensive lie. So instead, put half of your data on MySQL, Postgres, or Hadoop and treat all your data as if it were in one giant data lake because that is the cost-saving truth.

I won’t tell you that getting database platforms to cooperate is easy because I spent 18 years making it happen, but my technology, Nexus, has become more advanced than all databases.

Watch the video and give me your feedback! If this is not the greatest technology you have ever seen, please give it to me straight.

Today's users need a query tool that works brilliantly on all systems.

Today's users need to be able to join data across two systems seamlessly.

Today's users need to move data from one system to another in a point-and-click fashion with no technical knowledge required.

Today's users need to write the SQL or have the SQL built automatically. Today's users need search capabilities to look where a column resides in all their systems. Today's users need to take answer sets and join them with other answer sets, share them with peers, graph, chart them, pivot, and slice and dice them a hundred different analytics.

Today's users need to have dark mode when looking at their screen all day and be able to adjust the colors they see in the background completely.

All database vendors provide tools to access their systems, but none of them have any of the above features, so they are diminishing the power and purpose of their databases. In addition, the database vendors have never learned that the database and end-user access go hand in hand.

After writing 85 books on all database platforms and teaching over 1,000 classes worldwide for 20 years, I knew that software would one day overtake the importance of any single database.

I spent the last 20 years building the Nexus corporate software, which migrates one or thousands of tables across all database systems.

Last week I did a ten-table join across ten different systems using the Nexus Super Join Builder, and Nexus wrote the SQL automatically. I also searched on the column customer_number and found where it resides in 20 different systems, and I did it all in dark mode while joining and performing analytics on all answer sets I received that day.

Let the database vendors fight it out, but in the end, it is inevitable that everyone will access data across dozens, if not hundreds, of database platforms.

Here is the video of ten tables joining across ten database systems in a single query. Warning: This video contains what many experts thought was impossible.

Tom Coffing has also led a team of developers for almost 20 years to create the Nexus, which queries, migrates, and joins data across all systems. Amazingly, Nexus migrates between all the databases below with the click of the mouse.


• Excel

• Microsoft Access

• Snowflake

• Redshift

• Synapse

• BigQuery

• Teradata

• Oracle

• SQL Server

• DB2

• Hadoop

• MapR

• Greenplum

• Postgres

• Vertica

• Netezza


• Yellowbrick

• SQLite

Do you want to know how freedom from a single database feels?

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