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Learn SQL with Tera-Tom - The CASE Statement

This picture shows Tom Coffing (Tera-Tom) teaching Teradata certification in the 90s. Tom wrote six Tera-Cram books, and 10,000 people became certified. Thousands of people became Teradata Certified Masters from Tom's books.

Are you ready to learn about Teradata from the best technical trainer the world has ever seen? Tom Coffing, AKA Tera-Tom, makes learning fun, exciting, and easy. Learning Teradata Architecture is one of the best moves you can make in your career because Teradata has the most comprehensive design in the industry.

Tom Coffing is an expert on all database systems as he has written over 85 books covering them all. Once Tom understood the Teradata Architecture, the other databases were easy to learn.

Tom became famous as a teacher because he memorized every student's name when he greeted them. Tom has taught over 1,000 classes and never missed a single name. Ask anyone who attended a class taught by Tom Coffing.

Tom has also led a team of developers for almost 20 years to create the Nexus, which queries, migrates, and joins data across all systems. Check out the list of databases below that users can query, migrate, and join data automatically with Nexus.

Nexus Version 17 can migrate from every combination between all systems as the source or the target.


• Excel

• Microsoft Access

• Snowflake

• Redshift

• Synapse

• BigQuery

• Teradata

• Oracle

• SQL Server

• DB2

• Hadoop

• MapR

• Greenplum

• Postgres

• Vertica

• Netezza


• Yellowbrick • SQLite

You can check out the brilliance of Nexus in the video below.

The CASE Statement

Getting a picture in your mind about the different CASE statement options is essential. Tera-Tom explains what you need to know in the video below.

Watch the video and understand how Teradata experts use the CASE statement.

Above is a picture of the Nexus, which Tom has spent 18 years working with his development team. The Nexus Chameleon can migrate data automatically between all systems. In our example, Nexus has successfully migrated data from Oracle to Snowflake.

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