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Federating Data Across Systems - The Paradigm Shift

The latest version of Nexus and the Nexus Server is available on our websites at or for you to download. Of course, you can try it for free.

For almost 30 years, the largest companies in their vertical have trusted Tom Coffing and the Nexus for their data warehouse books, training, and software. Tom's Nexus development team has been evolving and improving the product for 18 years with a mission to query all systems, migrate data between any two systems, and join data across all systems.

Business users who are not technical love Nexus because Nexus builds the SQL for the user. IT love Nexus because it can develop on any system and build solutions that support its customers, who can point and click to receive the analytics they need. The ETL teams love Nexus because they can automatically migrate thousands of tables quickly, and the DBA teams love Nexus because they can manage all systems in their enterprise.

Nexus performs a 20-table join across 20 database systems in a single query.

One of the biggest differences Nexus brings to federation is the ability to move enormously large tables. The picture below shows how Nexus automates migration between any two systems. Below is a picture of a migration from Teradata to Snowflake, which took only seconds to set up. Companies across the globe use Nexus as their migration tool. While companies migrate between systems (i.e., Teradata to Snowflake), users must be able to join data across those systems in a single query. Migration and federation go hand-in-hand!

One of the amazing things about Nexus is that it is also an incredible query tool that combines a Super Join Builder that writes the SQL for you. Every user will be thrilled with Nexus because now they have one tool to query every database in your enterprise, and they can move tables to their sandbox, create data marts for business users, and federate across systems. The picture below shows multiple tabs containing queries for multiple systems running simultaneously. Notice all the systems in the system tree and realize you can query, migrate, and join across them all.

Watch Sherry and Sandy's bold moves to meet their cloud migration deadline.

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