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30-Table Join Across 30-Different Systems Breaks Barrier

Nobody thought the four-minute mile would ever be achieved, but Roger Bannister shocked the world when he ran it on May 6, 1954, in a time of 3:59.4. His unachievable record only lasted 46 days! Records are made to be broken.

We have performed a 30-table join across 30 systems in our quest to revolutionize the computer industry. You can see the video below.

We have seen the explosion of data approaching for decades with the certainty that no database can hold a large company's data. So why not take advantage of the strengths of many databases and join data across them all?

And it only took us 20 years of non-stop work to get it done!

Why did we name the product Nexus? Times Square is the Nexus of New York City because it is the intersection between all five boroughs. We designed Nexus to be the intersection between all database platforms. Our thousands of customers use Nexus to query, migrate, and federate data across over 25 relational database platforms.

Roger Bannister's record only lasted 46 days, but we don't think anyone will be breaking Nexus records for years. Why? Because the only way you pull off the impossibility of making all databases work together is to combine many impossible feats, such as:

Build a query tool that is brilliant and works on all systems. Build a Super Join Builder to show tables and views visually that writes the SQL automatically across all systems. Build a table converter that instantly converts data types and table structures between all systems. Build an automatic load script builder that can prepare thousands of tables to migrate between all systems. And finally, allow users to build and execute everything on their PC, with an additional option to schedule the jobs on a high-speed Nexus Server.

And that is all it takes to query, migrate, and federate data across over 25 relational database platforms. And during the development process, we wrote 85 books on all systems (94% of all books ever written under the category of data engineering). In addition, we taught thousands of classes to major corporations worldwide on all databases. As they say, the person on top of the mountain did not fall there! Today's demo will demonstrate a 30-table federated query spanning 30 systems in a single query, but that is not the point. The most remarkable ability is the join can process on any system, which we call the hub. And when you change the hub to a new system Nexus converts everything instantly. This is an achievement that nobody else may ever solve!

Today, you will not only see the 30-table join, but we will use the result set to automatically create a table on another system as a data mart for our Tableau and Power BI community. We will then save the join and share it with others who can execute it with a single click or schedule it to run on a global scheduler.

We will then perform the join, receive an answer set, and then add analytics to the data where all calculations come from Nexus. Once you receive a result set, you don't need to go back to the database to get more analytics because Nexus does it faster than a database.

Finally, you can set up jobs that perform the join, add analytics automatically, or run Python, Perl, or R scripts on the result.

Check out the video below, and feel free to download a free trial of Nexus for yourself at this link:

Now watch how easily Nexus migrates data across any two systems. In the video, you will see a systems tree on the left. Please realize that Nexus can migrate from any source system to any target with no technical expertise required by the user. Prepare yourself to be amazed.

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